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    Taizhou Taihui Machinery Co.,ltd.

    Taizhou Taihui Machinery Co.,ltd. located along the sea coast of east of China,which ia famous known as "land of plastic mold" - Huangyan,Taizhou, Zhejiang. Our company has been established for over 10 years. We have a professional factory which has been specialized in designing and manufacturing PET automatic / semi-automatic blowing machines, extrusion blowing machine, injection machines and various types of plastic molds, plastic preforms and plastic products for many years. Our company has professional techniques complete with processing equipment, such as CAD/CAM/CAE processing centers and electrical pulse. There are many professional mould designers, engineers and high-level bench workers in our factory. We specialize in the production of the following machinery:

    Our products sell well in China and are exported to customers in America, the EU, Asia, Africa and the Middle East,and win a great honour because of our competitive price and high efficiency and world-class service. We are consistently obedient to advanced design opinions and skillful manufacturing technologies to satisfying our customers. We warmly welcome domestic and overseas friends to come to our factory for long-term cooperation.


    Focus on service, service at heart, create value

    We offer you a complete blow molding machine solution!

    High quality automatic blow molding machine

    10 years of manufacturing experience

    The main products of Taihui Machinery are: TH series automatic, manual and semi-automatic two-step blow molding machine and blowing molds of various shapes and specifications. The main machine parts are selected from international famous brands such as Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan.

    Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Provide the best blow molding process according to your product, and provide a complete mold design to ensure that the cap (injection mold) and the bottle (blow mold) are incompatible with each other. Many technicians will provide blow molding machine manufacturing, mold Processing, blowing technology and other comprehensive services in many fields.

    After sales service

    Let you use your peace of mind

    Taihui has experienced deep blow molding machine engineering and technical personnel to provide timely, professional and efficient after-sales service. The high-quality after-sales service is reflected in the failure of the machine, assisting the customer by telephone or network in the shortest time and giving solutions, and promptly arrange the technician to come to the door for repair if necessary.

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