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    High-speed linear automatic blow molding machine - automatic upper embryo

    2-cavity high-speed linear PET bottle blowing machine - Maximum capacity: 5 liters (BC-5000-2 is a two-step rotary type upper PET automatic bottle blowing machine, one cavity for 2 chambers, suitable for blowing PET, Carbonated beverage bottles, oil bottles, large-bore bottles, high-temperature bottles and other packaging containers of any shape, such as PP and other crystalline plastics.

    1. The automatic man-machine interface is easy to operate, the machine runs smoothly, the fault is less, and the blowing speed is fast.

    2. The selection of each part of the whole machine is reasonable, precision processing and fine surface treatment.

    3. The rotary continuous embryoping mechanism has the advantages of large compatibility with the preform, stable and continuous upper embryo, high speed and high efficiency, and overcomes the shortage of the conventional robot hand intermittent embryo.

    4. The preforms in the heating zone are densely arranged, the heating speed is fast, the heating is uniform, and the electricity is saved.

    5. The chain of the heating zone revolution drive is selected from the original imported chain of Japan Sakamoto. The chain has precise pitch and durability.

    6. The chain of the heating zone revolution drive is designed with a flexible spring tensioning mechanism to extend the life of the chain.

    7. The mouth of the PET blow molding machine is equipped with a blowing cold air device, which can more effectively protect the threaded opening of the preform.

    8. The distance division mechanism is designed reasonably and the distance is accurate and reliable.

    9. The bottle embryo (bottle) transport mechanism uses the original imported servo motor and electric positioning system from Festo, Germany, which transports the preform (bottle) with high speed and high repeatability, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional pneumatic transport mechanism.

    10. Hydraulic clamping mechanism, strong clamping, stable and reliable operation.

    11. The servo motor is used to stretch the preform, the stretching speed is fast, the stretching stroke is accurate, and the stretching stroke can be arbitrarily set.

    12. The blowing (discharge) gas system adopts the German imported imported combination valve of Festo, which has a fast blowing speed and a long service life.

    13. The bottle can be directly transported to the filling line, and the conveying mechanism is novel in design, and the conveying is stable and reliable.

    14. There is a reciprocal program between the various operating mechanisms of the whole machine to protect the machine.


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