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    Taihui Blow Molding Machine Electrical Installation Instructions

    First, the installation of electrical components pay attention to these parts: the device installation of the distribution board, the installation of the solenoid valve, the installation of the sensor.

    1. Main components of the switchboard installation: installation of PLC, power supply, circuit breaker, relay, amplifier board, thyristor, terminal block insurance seat, etc. How much is installed depends on the circuit diagram.

    2. Installation of the solenoid valve Note that the output of the blowing part is short and the reaction is fast. The bottle and the upper embryo are not required.

    3, sensor installation attention to the difference between the front and rear limits of the cylinder

    Second, the installation of circuit gas path

       1. The basic principle of circuit installation is that the current is from left to right. From top to bottom, the large current and the small current should be separated as far as possible; the communication line must be separated from the power line; some parts cannot be separated, and the communication line must use the shielded line.

    2. During the installation process, pay attention to the movement of the movement, reserve enough lines and air pipes to avoid the wire or air tube being broken and pulled too tight during the movement, and the equipment can not operate.

    3. During the circuit installation process, the terminals should be pressed tightly, and each time the pressure is pressed, the hand should be checked to see if it is pressed firmly.

    4. Pay attention to what type of PLC is used, what type of input is, and what type of output. The Delta PLC we are currently using is low level input and low level output. The Mitsubishi PLC FX3U series is the same.

    5. The amplifier board we use is input low level and output high level.

    6. According to our PLC type, the sensor we are currently using is an NPN sensor.

    7, the choice of wire size (tail attached formula).

    Third, the circuit installation steps:

    a. Verify the specific actions of the device, which parts have been added or subtracted

    b. Change the program according to the result, circuit diagram, electrical list, instruction manual, I/O comparison table, etc.

    c. According to the electrical list, go to the warehouse to register and collect electrical parts. If it is missing, register immediately to purchase.

    d. Separate the collected electrical components, separate the switchboard mounting components, solenoid valves, sensors, buttons and touch screens, and communication lines.

    e, the sensor can be put on the number tube, the solenoid valve air blow muffler can be installed first, the touch screen button panel installation, the power distribution board can also be typeset and installed wiring, the bottle embryo sensor and the bottle abnormal sensor fixed frame You can prepare and prepare for the next installation.

    f. When the rack is assembled, the alarm light, switchboard, solenoid valve, line trunking (or fixed seat), etc. can be installed to connect the circuit of the solenoid valve, sensor, etc. back to the electrical box.

    g. After the installation of the main circuit of the equipment (referring to the blowing part of the blowing bottle), the machine can be powered on and the program and screen can be written. First check if the circuit is short-circuited, whether the wire head screw is installed firmly, etc., and then power on the test machine after no problem.



    The relationship between the current carrying capacity of the aluminum core insulated wire and the cross section

                    10 to 5, 100 to 2,

                    25, 35, four, three worlds,

                    70, 95, two and a half.

                  Pipe, temperature, eight or nine fold.

                      Add half of the bare wire.

                      Copper wire upgrade count.

    . 口: The current per KW of the low voltage 380/220 volt system, safety.

     Kilowatt, current, how to calculate?

     The power is doubled and the electric heat is added half.

    Single phase kilowatts, 4.5 amps.

    Single phase 380, current two and a half.

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