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    Pet automatic one out four blowing machine

    Mechanical characteristics

    1. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. We can control and view the operation status of the whole machine through the man-machine interface. If there is a fault, the machine will automatically emit a whistle through the alarm device, and the man-machine interface can find the fault location accurately and conveniently, so that the maintenance personnel can repair it in time.

    2. High energy consumption and low waste, we have a stable infrared heating system blowing and a highly accurate blow mold closing system to ensure quality.

    3, the mechanical structure design is reasonable and the floor space is smaller

    Mechanical model: TH-4000

    Chinese name: pet automatic one out four blowing machine

    Cavity number: 4

    Theoretical yield: 4000p/h

    Blowable capacity: 10ml-2000ml

    Maximum height of the bottle: 320mm

    Maximum diameter of the bottle: 110mm

    Blowable tooth size: 18-45

    Total power consumption: 54KW

    Mechanical configuration

    Man-machine interface: Taiwan Delta

    Controller: Taiwan Delta

    Electromagnetic valve: Taiwan Yadeke, South Korea PMC, Germany Festo, etc.

    Steam cylinder: Taiwan Yadeke, Japan SMC, Germany Festo, etc.

    Sensor: Korea Autonics

    Relay: Japan Omron, France Schneider

    Note: All our accessories are made of international high-tech products.

    技術參數   General InformationTH-5000-4 cavity
      合模力 Clamping Force80 T
      開模行程 Clamping Stoke350mm
      最大拉伸 Max.Stretching Stroke420mm
      瓶底行程 Bottom Moving Stroke0-50mm
      腔數 Number of Cavities4 Cavity
      產量 Theoretical Output1.6-0L:8000-2000-3000 BPH
      最大模厚 Max.Mould Thickness400mm
      模板尺寸 Mould plate size630x340mm
      功率 Total Power(Full Loaded)10-25KW
      高壓空壓機 Min air compressor7.2m3/min 3.0Mpa
      低壓空壓機 Min air compressor2.0m3/min 1.0Mpa
    Electrical System
      電壓 Voltage Standard380v/3PH/50Hz or special order
      加熱區 Number of Heating Zone4 Sections
      功率 Total Power(Full Loaded)88KW
    Container 制品容積
      最大制品容積 Container Volume1.0-6.0L
      瓶口尺寸 Neck Diameter Range38-60mm
      最大直徑 Container Diameter300mm
      容器高度 Container Height400mm
    Air system
      低壓系統 Low Air compessor8-10Bar
      高壓系統 High Air compessor30-40Bar
    Net dimension & Weight(LxWxH)凈尺寸和凈重
      主機 Blow Molding Machine855x200x200cm
      上料機尺寸 Preform Autoloader  210x120x220cm
      凈重 Net Weight8.8T

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