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    Large capacity bottle automatic blowing machine

    Features of the TH Series Hand Insert Blow Molding Machine:

    1. It adopts microcomputer control system, which has manual and automatic modes, simple operation and stable performance.

    2, using infrared lamp heating, strong penetrating power, preform rotation heating, uniform, fast and reliable

    3. The infrared lamp tube and reflector plate in the heating zone can be adjusted in width and height. It is suitable for heating various preforms and has automatic temperature control device to ensure the constant temperature in the drying tunnel to achieve the desired effect.

    4. Each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device. When a fault occurs, it will automatically alarm and the program will automatically switch to the safe state.

    5, each action is driven by the gas source, no pollution, low noise, etc.

    6. The design of the gas path divides the action and the blowing into two parts to meet the different requirements of the blowing pressure and the operating pressure, so that the scrapping rate of the product is greatly reduced, and the gas path becomes clear at a glance.

    7, the use of double curved arm link clamping, clamping force and other advantages

    8. The production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance and safety.

    9, the machine is easy to install and maintain

    技術參數   General Information
    合模力 Clamping Force
    50 T
    開模行程 Clamping Stoke
    最大拉伸 Max.Stretching Stroke
    瓶底行程 Bottom Moving Stroke
     腔數 Number of Cavities
    2 Cavity
    產量 Theoretical Output
    1-6L:900-1500 BPH
    最大模厚 Max.Mould Thickness
    模板尺寸 Mould plate size
    功率 Total Power(Full Loaded)
    高壓空壓機 Min air compressor
    3.2m3/min 3.0Mpa
    低壓空壓機 Min air compressor
    1.6m3/min 1.0Mpa
                        Electrical System
    電壓 Voltage Standard
    380v/3PH/50Hz or special order
    加熱區 Number of Heating Zone
    2 Sections
    功率 Total Power(Full Loaded)
                        Container 制品容積
    最大制品容積 Container Volume
    瓶口尺寸 Neck Diameter Range
    最大直徑 Container Diameter
    容器高度 Container Height
                        Air system
    低壓系統 Low Air compessor
    高壓系統 High Air compessor
                        Net dimension & Weight(LxWxH)凈尺寸和凈重
    主機 Blow Molding Machine
    上料機尺寸 Preform Autoloader  
    凈重 Net Weight

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