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    Full servo high speed automatic blowing machine

    TH series product description:

     This series of models fills the gap of the domestic high-speed linear blow molding machine. At present, the single-mode speed of the domestic linear blow molding machine still stays at 1200-1500 bottles/hour, and the foreign single-mode speed has reached 1800/hour, high-speed linear type. The blow molding machine relies on imports. In view of the low speed of the domestic linear blow molding machine, the single-mode speed of the CX blow molding machine developed by our company has reached 1700-1800 bottles/hour, and the FG4 is a 4-cavity linear blow molding machine with a yield of 6800-7200 bottles/ hour. This series of models has been independently researched and developed, and has its own intellectual property rights. It has obtained more than 10 items in the country.

    The TH series are fully automatic loading and unloading machines. The automatic stretching and blowing machine specially developed and developed for the trend of high-speed and high-yield domestic blowing equipment. It can be mainly used for blowing pure water, mineral water PET bottles and various gas cylinders. The machine consists of three parts: preform hoist, preform blanking machine and mainframe.

    The machine has many advantages such as reasonable structure, small floor space, low power consumption, low gas consumption, good stability, etc., and meets the national food hygiene standards. It is at the level of ling at home and abroad, and is ideal for blowing large and medium-sized enterprises. device.

    TH series product advantages:

    1. Cam linkage servo control High-speed integrated blow molding station The cam linkage servo drive system integrates the functions of opening and closing, clamping and bottom mold lifting. The blowing cycle is greatly shortened, the output is increased, and the effect of high efficiency and energy saving is achieved.

    2. Small pitch heating system

    The heating head is arranged with a small pitch of 38.1m, which is more than 30% energy-saving than the traditional heating furnace, thus achieving the energy-saving effect. The blowing system and the waste heat venting system are provided to ensure the constant temperature of the blowing zone.

    3. The efficient and stable blanking system adopts the continuously rotating dial to feed the blank, achieving a fast, efficient and stable blanking effect.

    4. The modular design concept of the whole machine adopts the modular design concept, and the later maintenance and replacement of the changed parts is faster and more convenient, and the maintenance cost is effectively reduced.

    TypeprojectUnitCX L3CX L4CX L8
    Theoretical yield       500mlBottle/hourBottle/hour360048008800
    Forming specificationClamping forceTon506065
    Mold strokemm120120120
    Lever strokemm350350350
    Counter strokemm505050
    Number of cavitiespcs888
    Cavity spacingmm115115115
    Bottle type specificationLarge capacity of the bottleL222
    Large outer diametermm353535
    Bottle heightmm330330330
    Preform heightmm150150150
    Power specificationNumber of heating boxespcs457
    Number of lampspcs999
    heating powerKW7290126
    Total installed powerKW7896132
    Actual power consumptionKW334050
    Voltage frequency(50Hz)V380(50Hz)380(50Hz)380(50Hz)
    Air pressure specificationWorking low pressureMpa0.7~0.90.7~0.90.7~0.9
    Low pressure gas consumptionL/min200020003000
    Blowing high pressureMpa2.5~4.02.5~4.02.5~4.0
    High pressure gas consumptionL/min300035006000
    Chilled water specificationChiller pressureMpa0.5~0.60.5~0.60.5~0.6
    Temperature range101010
    Machine specificationMachine sizem5.0 x1.6x2.06.0 x1.6x2.07.6 x1.6x2.0
    Machine weightT567

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