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    200MM super jar bottle making machine

    Plastic Jar Making Machine

    Machine Picture

    Semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles from 50-2000ml. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle etc


    1.Perfect function with economic investment.

    2.Small size and compact construction with no space waste.

    3.Easy to operate and maintain,operation by one person.

    4.Saving power and uneasy to worn out.Adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould,the cross fixed. Providing high pressure blowing system.

    5.We can provide performs and cap moulds for different bottles to meet customer's requirem

     Max.volume of productl2cavity×2L
    Production capacityPcs/h800-1100
    Neck size of producemm<75
    CLAMPING UNITTemplate effective areamm340×350
    Max.mould thicknessmm200
    Min.mould thicknessmm120
    Mould strokemm140
    Clamping forcekn80
    Stretching strokemm360
    AIR SYSTEMWorking pressureMpa≤1.0
    Blowing air pressureMpaYM-2000≤3.0
    ELECTRICAL SYSTEMPower of machinekw0.1
    Installed Power of heaterkw9
    MACHINE SIZEWeight of machinekgs485
    Weight of heaterkgs200
    Machine sizem1.45×0.59×1.65
    Heater sizem1.8×0.58×1.35

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