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    500ML 4 cavities new-design blowing machine specially for less 600ml/cc

    Brief introduction of water bottle blow molding machine:

    1.Adopt special electronic controlling circuit for heating; high efficiency in simultaneous controlling one lamp or more; lower power consumption.

    2.Adopt the theory of heat transfer and feedback while designing the shape and thikness of preform.

    3.The preform will be heated evenly, not be influenced by outside environment.

    4. Cooling system with cold air cycle ensures same heat exposure of internal and external surface of the bottles.

    5.The air exhaust system designed by CAD can guarantee the deviation of heating furance temperature +/-1 degree.

    6.Air circuit system consists of movement and blowing so as to meet the needs of different air pressure, also to provide 

    stable high pressure for blowing different shapes of big capacity bottles.

    7.The system is equipped with silencer, connecting rod and articulated refueling devices.

    8.Two modes of operation: semi-automatic mode and automatic mode.

    9.Small size, low investment. one person enough to operate, simple and safe.

    Max.Volume of ProductsML600
    Theoretical OutputPCS/HR1500
    Neck DiameterMM10-80
    Max.Container DiameterMM100
    Max.Container HeightMM200
    Max.Mold ThicknessMM210
    Mold Opening StrokeMM160
    Working PressureMpa1.0
    Blowing PressureMpa3.0
    Heater PowerKW8
    Power of Main BlowerKW0.2
    Measurement of Main MachineM1.8x0.8x1.6
    Weight of Main machineKG500
    Measurement of OvenM1.3x0.6x1.1
    Weight of OvenKG260

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