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    The two-part automatic blow molding machine

    The Taihui semi-automatic blow molding machine meets the CE standard. Controlled by a microcomputer, the technical parameters involved can be controlled more accurately. The operation is simple and safe, only one person is needed and no special training is required. Suitable for blowing plastic containers and plastic bottles of any shape made from PET. Widely used in blown carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, baby bottles, oil bottles, petroleum bottles, cosmetic bottles, pesticide bottles, medical bottles, space cups and lampshades

    Machine advantages:

    1. Small size, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance;

    3. Advanced PLC control system, time control can be ** to 0.01 seconds.

    4. Special air storage device.

    5. Infrared preform heater.

    6. Different heating lamps are equipped with independent temperature control devices to ensure the ideal heating effect of the preforms.

    7. The direction of heating the tube can be adjusted according to different preforms.

    8. The operation requires only one person and no special training is required.

    9. Installation, easy to start.

    10. The finished product scrap rate is less than 0.2%.

    Introduction: This machine needs a thermoplastic hollow molding equipment for the injection molding machine, that is, a two-step plastic bottle blowing machine. The product needs to be made into a preform by the injection molding machine. After cooling, it is preheated by the special heater matched with the machine, so that the hand feels elastic and is placed in the machine to make a hollow container. This machine is equipped with an ordinary honeycomb cannula type aluminum oven and a far infrared ray rotary heater. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer. The main body clamping part is mechanically clamped with a double-bend arm to ensure that the mold does not appear under high pressure blowing.

    This machine is suitable for hollow molding of polyester blown PET raw materials, and can also be applied to other thermoplastic blow molding grade plastics. Such as PC, PE, PP, PS, AS and other plastics. Nowadays, it is integrated with advanced transmission devices and automatic control technologies at home and abroad. In the product design and manufacturing, according to customer feedback, it is constantly updated and improved, with fast production speed, stable operation, low power consumption and small size. Low cost, long service life, convenient maintenance and safety.

    Model NO. TH-10L
    Theoretical Output300pcs/hr
    Max.Container Volume12L
    Max. Neck Diameter80mm
    Max. Container Diameter260mm
    Max. Container Height430mm
    Mold Thickness260-430mm
    Number Of Cavity1 cavity
    Use Power12kw
    Working Pressure1.0mpa
    Blow Pressure<3.0mpa
    Machine Size2x0.77x1.77m
    Machine Weight   0.65T
    Heater  Size1.7x0.6x1.34m
    Heater  Weight   0.2T

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