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    One-and-a-half automatic blowing machine Wide-mouth bottle blowing machine

    TH-2000-B Type two-step semi-automatic blowing machine blowing expertise within the 2-liter mineral water, beverages, oil, cosmetics, pesticides, civil bottles(PET、 PP、 PMMA、 PC、 PS、 as raw materials) and other plastic containers, with a small size, consumption Electric province, operation and maintenance easy and so on.

     Max.volume of productl2cavity×2L
    Production capacityPcs/h1500-2000
    Neck size of producemm<75
    CLAMPING UNITTemplate effective areamm340×350
    Max.mould thicknessmm200
    Min.mould thicknessmm120
    Mould strokemm140
    Clamping forcekn80
    Stretching strokemm380
    AIR SYSTEMWorking pressureMpa≤1.0
    Blowing air pressureMpaTH-2000-B≤3.0
    ELECTRICAL SYSTEMPower of machinekw0.1
    Installed Power of heaterkw11
    MACHINE SIZEWeight of machinekgs485
    Weight of heaterkgs200
    Machine sizem1.45×0.59×1.65
    Heater sizem1.8×0.58×1.35

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